Thursday, 4 April 2013

I.MX6 GK802 - Ubuntu 12.04 preview image

Following on from the oneiric preview image, I've put together a rootfs based on Linaro 12.04. Thanks to the Otavio from the yocto project for help building the gpu drivers. It should be possible to deploy the rootfs on other imx6 devices by deploying the correct uboot, kernel + modules.

Note: updated rootfs has working VPU.

What's working :

1. GPU + VPU acceleration.
2. Wifi
3. Choice of Unity 2D or Xubuntu desktop
4. Chromium
5. glxgears/glmark2-es2/es2gears working in Unity 2D and Xubuntu.

What's currently not working:

1. Bluetooth
2. Pre-installed Neverball (3D ball game) - broken something

If you prefer not to follow the manual instructions listed below user hste (aka
Haakon Stende
) on freenode imx6dongle has created a script to build and deploy. Script is here, any problems contact hste on freenode for advice.

To install (assuming oneiric image already on sd card):

1. Download rootfs linaro_12_04_gpu_vpu.tar.gz. Thanks to hste for hosting.
2. Delete existing rootfs from oneiric image (this is the "ubuntu" partition on the SD card).
    rm -rf <sd card mount point>/ubuntu/*

3. Extract new rootfs:

    cd <sd card mount point>/ubuntu
    tar xvf linaro_12_04_gpu.tar.gz

4.  Download kernel with cpu frequency or without (requires a good heatsink) and 'dd' to sd card.

    dd if=arch/arm/boot/uImage_cpufreq of=/dev/sdc bs=1048576 seek=1 && sudo sync 


    dd if=arch/arm/boot/uImage_no_cpufreq of=/dev/sdc bs=1048576 seek=1 && sudo sync 

5. Download uboot and 'dd' to sd card.
    dd if=u-boot.imx bs=1k seek=1 of=/dev/sdc && sync

4. Remove SD card and place in internal SD slot and power up.