Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hackberry A10 First attempt to boot Ubuntu 12.04 & Puppy Linux

After a couple of hours of debugging I final got the MK802 Ubuntu 12.04 image working on the Hackberry. So thanks to guys on the miniand forums for create the images, in the end just a simple tweak of deploying the script.bin from the pre-installed Android got the image to boot. Once booted and after log-on I manually enabled the Ethernet connectivity.

As this is a pre-built image the wifi wasn't detected correctly, however I was pleased to make such quick progress. The build seems to be fairly snappy and its good to see it reporting the full 1GB memory. Of course further work is required to get a fully functioning build.

I also spent some time getting the pre built version of Puppy Linux  to boot based on this article on liliputing. Again faced similar issues to the Ubuntu build but got there in the end! As mentioned in the liliputing article the user interface is not as slick as Ubuntu but I can see a certain attraction to Puppy because of its speed. The main draw with this pre-built image is that its only reporting 512Mb RAM.


  1. cool.....will be wating for your further update :-)

  2. How did you enable the ethernet? eth0 shows up with ifconfig, but the device doesn't seem to be powered up (the light on my hub doesn't go on when I plug it in).

  3. Hi, i'm playing woth Arduino but i have a Hackberry A10 sitting in it's box since i bought it. Do you think i could use it somehow with Arduino and do you know why the official website is no longer available? Other question, do you know if there is a light weight versione of linux for hackberry that can allow me to connect a usb camera to hackberry and stream the video? Or is it possible to stream video from usb camera connected to hackberry using the original android version? Thanks for any help. Why not visit my website : cheers!